Our newest hair tool designed for the greatest possible degree of styling control. This tool is designed to deliver results even when used at low temperatures. Healing Stone™ Technology promotes overall hair health and delivers flawless, touchably soft results.

³/₁₀" plates the greatest possible precision and control allowing users to create extra volume at the root.

Pencil-thin plates are perfect for styling natural hair types and delicate baby hairs (lower temperature recommended for baby hairs.)

Universal Voltage (100~240V)

Features: Healing Stone™ Technology, World's Thinnest Ceramic Plates, 3D Swivel Cord

- Includes FREE Professional Fat Iron Styling Comb (Limited Time) -

glampalm stiletto flat iron glampalm .5-inch flat iron glampalm .5-inch volumizer glampalm 1-inch flat iron glampalm 1-inch volumizer flat iron glampalm simple touch glampalm vibrato
Model GP141 GP101 GP102 GP201 GP202 UN232 GP225
Plate Width ³/₁₀-inch ½-inch ½-inch 1-inch 1-inch 1-inch 1-inch
Plate Type Flat Flat Curved Flat Flat Curved Flat
Temp. Range (°F) 150-450° 220-450° 220-450° 220-450° 220-450° 330/390° 220-450°
Cord Type 3D Swivel/10ft 3D Swivel/10ft 3D Swivel/10ft 3D Swivel/10ft 3D Swivel/10ft 3D Swivel/10ft 3D Swivel/10ft
Auto Shutdown 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 35 seconds 1 hour
Heating Speed 10 seconds 25 seconds 30 seconds 35 seconds 20 seconds 10 seconds 25 seconds
Voltage (V) Universal Universal Universal Universal Universal 110V only Universal
Recommended for: Short or natural hair Most hair types Straighten all hair types Long, thick, wavy hair Short hair Most hair types Most hair types
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