Our Story

One day back in the 1990s, a man named Ok-Nam Cho had the most random of conversations with his wife’s cosmetologist, regarding flat irons. So many complaints about dangerous heat, stickiness and burning hair (crazy to think that these were acceptable risks back then!) Mr. Cho, being an engineer, became fixated on the problem over time and spent more and more time on the problem. After months of tinkering, he came up with an idea that revolutionized hair tools – the ceramic coating, which regulates heat while being smooth on hair.

Glampalm is the natural evolution of that initial innovation. Mr. Cho’s pride as an engineer made him pursue continued excellence – never cutting corners on quality and using the latest technology, to put the best possible product in our customer’s hands (Glampalm is shorthand for Glamour in the Palm of your hand). After focusing on the professional market for most of our existence, we now want everyone to use our tools to feel the difference they can make – we believe great style shouldn’t discriminate!

Our Products

Our products are built on two pillars – quality and innovation.

We are a rarity in the hair tools world – we are the brand AND the manufacturer. Nearly all other companies use the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) model. The owner of a brand handles marketing and sales, but they source the actual product from 3rd party manufacturers in Asia (That’s why you often see products that look the same, but with different logos). As the manufacturer, we directly control all aspects of production and quality control to ensure we are making the world’s best tools, for no one but ourselves. To maintain this level of excellence, Glampalm products are all manufactured in Korea at our headquarters just outside of Seoul, using fair labor practices with competitive wages for our valued team members – we do not outsource our production to anyone!

Starting from Mr. Cho’s idea to apply ceramic coating to a flat iron, Glampalm has never stopped innovating. Our long line of achievements include (in no particular order):
Tilting/Cushioning plates
3D Rotating Swivel cords
Vibration enhanced plates
Touch activated controls
The world’s first digitally controlled iron
The world’s first universal voltage iron
The world’s thinnest plates (3/10” wide, 4/10” high)
…and many more!
Every new idea is rigorously tested, and the final qualification is always this – will this make our customers’ styling better?

Our Customers

The first customers for Glampalm were professional hair stylists – they needed performance and longevity above all else, and that’s where we focused our efforts. Today, Glampalm products are used in 90% of hair salons in Korea. Since then we’ve expanded our sales to everyone who needs great tools to enhance their style! Internationally, our products are now sold in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Europe, Australia, Japan, and SE Asia. No matter where you live or what your styling needs are, we are confident there’s a Glampalm for you.

Our People

We are a family owned and operated company. The original founder, Mr. Ok Cho ran the company for 20+ years before retiring and his son, Wansu Cho, now holds the reins. Our people comprise ~130 team members, many who have been with us since the beginning! We have never strayed far from our roots, quite literally – our HQ has always been located in the greater Seoul metropolitan area.
We know that our employees are the most important component of a successful company! Finding and keeping the best people is a constant, never-ending process that we work on every day. Some of the benefits of working here are: above market rate wages, generous vacation/PTO policies, free meals at the company cafeteria, and a deliberate shift away from the excessive work/drinking culture found in many Korean workplaces. We stand by our people, just like we stand by our products!