Curly Hair - The Perfect Flat Iron

Curly Hair - The Perfect Flat Iron

We love our curly hair, but it's also nice to change it up for special occasions or just for fun. The right flat iron will make straightening easier & protect your hair from heat damage.

Glampalm Vibrato - Vibrato massages heat into your hair by way of 8,000 vibrations per minute resulting in perfectly straight hair in just one swipe and cutting your styling time in half.

Glampalm Signature 1 ½” Classic -  Our 1 1/2" straightener is great for longer hair. The ceramic plates are infused with healing stone technology to prevent snagging, pulling and breakage maintaining your hair’s health and imparting shine.

Glampalm Signature ½” ClassicGreat for short or medium-length curly hair.  Our Healing Stone Technology infused ceramic plates smooths and straightens hair without drying.

Curly Hair StyleCurly Hair Style
adjustable temp flat iron
Adjustable Temperature For Perfect Styling
Fine Hair | 200-300°
Medium Hair | 250-350°
Thick/Natural Hair | 350-400°
healing stone
Proprietary Healing Stone™ Ceramic Technology
Protect your hair from heat damage.