The innovators behind the Glampalm brand are pioneers in the hair styling industry and are dedicated to giving customers the highest quality products that utilize the newest technology. Glampalm has dictated industry standards since 1995 when they were the first company to use ceramic plates. This allowed consumers to style their strands without damaging them, and is now a staple in most styling tools.

Glampalm continues to revolutionize hair tool standards and is a favorite among professional stylists and home-users. Celebrity stylist Lee Rittiner, whose clients include Mila Kunis, Diane Keaton and Kristen Wiig, raves about Glampalm,

“You know, with great tools, you can have great results. It kind of unleashes your inner artist, as I like to say. With the Glampalm tools, everyone can be an amazing stylist. They can be their own artist.”

Glampalm’s success is due to their unique and patented product features that cannot be duplicated by other manufacturers. With a large variety of products to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect tool for your hair type and styling needs.




Our products are the only ones on the market that utilize Healing Stone™ Technology. Healing Stone is known for promoting overall health benefits and has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years. This natural mineral can only be found in South Korea and is infused into the ceramic plates of our tools. This creates the smoothest, most efficient heat styling without any pulling or snagging and allows for even heat distribution, minimizing styling time.



When using our Simpletouch irons, simply tap the plates together to turn on and off and adjust temperature.  Motion sensor not only adds convenience, but acts as a safety feature.  After sensing thirty-five seconds of inactivity, the straightener will automatically turn off.  Never again will you have that sinking feeling, wondering whether or not you remembered to turn off your styling tool.


Unlike other companies that use cheap manually sprayed ceramic, we infuse and coat our plates with automated machines in a vacuum sealed chamber for a perfectly smooth, even finish.  This allows our products to move swiftly and smoothly through the hair for fast styling at a lower heat.  This ensures that your hair’s cuticles stay intact, preventing split ends and long-term damage.


In the Crescent line of irons, our uniquely curved plates add volume while straightening by lifting hair at the roots.  Other products may be beveled, but Glampalm is the only one with an actual curve.  This makes the tool easier to rotate, curl, and move through the hair. This efficient feature will considerably cut down your time spent styling. 


Our tools are built to last and the ball bearing mechanism helps keep our products durable.  With traditional irons, the attached cord is immobile or rotates 360° for 2-D movement, and after many uses the internal wires will start to fray causing the product to break down.  Because our swivel cord allows for 3-D mobility by mounting 360° rotation on a ball bearing, the wiring will always stay like-new.  This technology also avoids cord tangles, increases maneuverability, and makes it easier to access difficult to reach sections.


Our Vibrato model utilizes cutting edge technology and massages heat into the hair by way of 8,000 vibrations per minute.  Glampalm’s Vibrato stands out from other vibrating tools because of the low amplitude and high frequency of the vibrations. The result? Perfectly straight hair in just one swipe.


The Vibrato model includes a low temperature treatment mode to keep your hair healthy while styling.   This 140° setting is ideal for applying hair treatments that require lower levels of heat activation.


Quick heating Glampalm stylers reach up to 450° within seconds.  No longer will you waste time waiting for your straightener or curling iron to warm up.