This iron will make your life easier and make you look better - all in a beautiful, space saving package. 

No more dealing with cords. The iron is light, easy to use, and packs extra styling power with the optional Vibrato mode. It has universal voltage so take it anywhere, cordfree.

Enjoy your new found freedom of both function and style!

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  • Cordless freedom to style anywhere
  • Up to 25 minutes of cordless use time
  • Charge time is only 50 minutes
  • Vibrato function - vibrates 8000 times per minute. Makes heat transfer more efficient, for less damage to hair
  • 0.8" wide plates - ceramic, infused with Healing Stone - works on nearly all hair types
  • Perfectly balanced plates cushion and tilt to preserve hair integrity
  • Auto shutdown in 3 minutes
  • Two Temperature settings - 320°/340° F
  • Universal Voltage, and comes with adapter for 240V countries

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love it

Love it, but it takes too long to charge.

Antony H.
Stylish styling!

We saw this as a product placement in one of our K-dramas recently (in January 2024), and it looked really cool. Did some research and found it had good reviews, but was not shown on the US Glampalm site. I asked them how to get it in the US and they added it to their website, and bought it immediately as a surprise gift for my wife. It has not disappointed. The cordless aspect is really useful, and it works really well. It does not come with the retro stand shown, so we had to buy that afterwards. Too early to give any reliability info, but it looks well built, works great, and is really stylish.

Aerie C
Works super fast on my hair, battery lasts about 20 minutes

I have shoulder length hair and I can do my basic straightening and c-culrs in 10-15 minutes! Which is good since the battery dies at 20 minutes (I tested it)

간 떨어지는 동거

Saw this on 간 떨어지는 동거 and instantly had to buy it 😊😊😊. Very good! My hair is always silky smooth and straight after using it. Charges fast and lasts a long time on use.

Christine G.
Surprisingly good

Pretty impressed! It looks great, kind of like an Apple product, even the white packaging - if that's what they were going for, it's a good copy. It's definitely light for sure. It works great on my hair, which is shoulder length. I'll be honest though, not quite as good as my regualr 1" Glampalm. Maybe 85% as good. But then again, no other flat iron works as well as that one, so that's not really a bad thing. That's the only reason why it isn't 5 stars. But this one is much prettier, and it's cordless, so the extra functionality is definitely a big plus.