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Our newest hair tool designed for the greatest possible degree of styling control. This tool is designed to deliver results even when used at low temperatures. Healing Stone™ Technology promotes overall hair health and delivers flawless, touchably soft results.

0.3" plates the greatest possible precision and control allowing users to create extra volume at the root.

Pencil-thin plates are perfect for styling natural hair types and delicate baby hairs (lower temperature recommended for baby hairs.)

Universal Voltage (100~240V)

Features: Healing Stone™ Technology, World's Thinnest Ceramic Plates, 3D Swivel Cord

- Includes FREE Glampalm Professional Rat Tail Comb with Carbon Fiber ($12.99 value) -

glampalm stiletto flat iron glampalm .5-inch flat iron glampalm .5-inch volumizer glampalm 1-inch flat iron glampalm 1-inch volumizer flat iron glampalm simple touch glampalm vibrato
Model GP141 GP101 GP102 GP201 GP202 UN232 GP225
Plate Width 0.3-inch 0.5-inch 0.4-inch 1-inch 1-inch 1-inch 1-inch
Plate Type Flat Flat Curved Flat Curved Flat Flat
Temp. Range (°F) 150°-450° 220°-450° 220°-450° 220°-450° 220°-450° 330°/390° 140°-450°
Cord Type 3D Swivel/10ft 3D Swivel/10ft 3D Swivel/10ft 3D Swivel/10ft 3D Swivel/10ft 3D Swivel/10ft 3D Swivel/10ft
Sleep Mode After 60 min 60 min 60 min 60 min 60 min 35 sec 60 min
Heat Time 10 sec 20 sec 20 sec 25 sec 25 sec 10 sec 25 sec
Voltage (V) Universal Universal Universal Universal Universal 110V only Universal
Best for: Short, curly hair Short hair Short hair Most hair types Most hair types Most hair types Most hair types
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