GP225/313VIB - VIBRATO 1/1.25 INCH

GP225BL, GP225WH, GP313VIB

Yes, it vibrates - but what exactly does it do?

Think of it as massaging heat into hair more efficiently. Does it normally take 3 passes to straighten your hair? Well now you can do it in 2, maybe even in 1 and save time! Or you can still do it in 3 passes, but at a lower heat for even healthier hair.

Now comes in 1.25" size as well

And if you’re applying wet treatments into hair, use the Vibrato to infuse liquids into the hair more efficiently and intensify the effects. And do it in the Low Temperature Treatment (LTT) mode at 140ºF, prevent the proteins in the treatments or hair from denaturing.

Product Features:

  • 14,000 vibrations/minute 
  • 1"/1.25" inch Healing Stone ceramic coated plates ideal for most hair types.
  • 11 heat settings between 220°F - 450°F
  • Low Temperature Treatment Mode (LTT) - 140°F
  • Heats up in 25 seconds
  • Sleep mode after 60 minutes
  • Included accessories - silicone sleeves for hair treatments (1" size only) + heat resistant cap 
  • 10 ft 3D ball swivel cord reduces cord tangling
  • Universal Voltage 
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty



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