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GlamPalm Crescent 1" (Volumizer) | Professional Ceramic Flat Iron with Adjustable Temperature
GlamPalm Crescent Volumizer 1/2-inch | Professional Flat Iron For Short Hair
GlamPalm Marcel 1-Inch | Professional Curling Iron
GlamPalm Marcel 1-1/4-inch - For Loose Curls
GlamPalm Marcel 1/2-Inch | Professional Curling Iron For Tight Curls
GlamPalm Marcel 3/4-inch | Short-Medium Length Hair
GlamPalm Signature 1-1/2-Inch Professional Flat Iron with Ceramic Coating
GlamPalm Straightener 1-1/4-Inch Professional Ceramic Straightener | Digital Temperature Control | Long Chord with Swivel
GlamPalm Signature 1/2-Inch Professional Flat Iron with Digital Temperature Conrol
GlamPalm Airlight Professional Hair Dryer | Ceramic, Light-Weight
GlamPalm Vibrato PRO | Vibrating Professional Flat Iron | Ceramic Coating | Digital Temperature Control | Long Cord with 3D Swivel
GlamPalm ZigZag Styling Iron | Make Zig-Zag Hair Style
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